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On Sunday, the United States President Donald Trump has addressed the Indian-American Community at the “Howdy, Modi” Event, said that they never had a ‘better friend’ in the White House than him. After the mega event, which was attended by more than 50000 members of the Indian-American Community, President Trump has expressed his gratitude for the “affection” he has gained.

The US President tweets, “The USA loves India.”

The mega event was organized in Houston by the Indian-American Community to show honor to PM Modi, who has visited American for a week.

While addressing the large gathering in Houston, President Trump has acknowledged the contribution of the Indian-American Community in strengthing the ties between the two nations. 

President Trump said, “PM Modi and I have come to Houston to celebrate everything that defines the India-America relationship.”

“USA Loves India,” President Trump Expressed After “Howdy, Modi” Event / tnbclive.com

The US President was quoted saying, “Indian-Americans, you enrich our culture, you uplift our values, we are proud to have you as Americans. My administration fights for you every day.”

He continued that the US and India were committed to free to the world from “radical Islamic terrorism.” 

Before President Trump’s speech, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi was offered a grand welcome on the stage, showered praises. 

PM Modi said, “His name comes up in almost every conversation in the world on global politics. His every word is followed by tens of millions. He was a household name and very popular even before he went on to occupy the highest office in this great country.”

He continued, “From CEOs to Commander in Chief, from boardrooms to the oval office, from studios to the global stage, from politics to the economy and to security, he has left a deep and lasting impact everywhere.”

President Donald Trump was also offered a standing ovation when the Indian Prime Minister has asked the praising audience to commend his “resolve” in fighting cross-border terrorism.

On Tuesday, PM Modi and President Donald Trump will hold a bilateral meeting, where the ongoing India-US trade ties are likely to discuss. 

PM Modi was quoted saying, “In the days to come, I will be speaking with President Trump. He often calls me a tough negotiator, but he himself knows the art of the deal and I am learning from him.”

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