US Triggering Plan To Dwarf Kabul Embassy Drastically: Report

US Triggering Plan To Dwarf Kabul Embassy Drastically: Report

According to the congressional aides and US personnel, US State Secretary Mike Pompeo is triggering a plan to trim almost half of the workforce at the US embassy in Kabul beginning at the end of the next month, inflaming the tension it spoils the vulnerable Afgan peace proceeding.

The order of the US State Secretary of the biggest US diplomatic mission emerges a year earlier than the exception, surprise progress pushed the slow progress in the US discussions with Taliban terrorists on an agreement which would step the way for a US troop pull backing and an end to the longest war in America.

The negotiating booster of the Taliban, represented by the public impatience of the US President Donald Trump for ending the war, could interpret additionally because they would evaluate a large drawdown of the embassy as more acknowledgment of his eagerness to diminish the US role in Afghanistan.

The Kabul embassy is a documented testament to the amount of the US investment in Afghanistan since it went to war there in 2001 after the September 11 brutal attacks. With a workforce of 1,500, the heavily secured compound underwent an $8000 million expansion four years ago and now includes 700 beds for the staff.

One US official claimed the subsidence should be experienced as a part of the international redistribution of the US diplomats needed by the national security strategy shift of the Trump administration from focussing on the counter-terrorism to confront resume “ great power” opposition with Russia and China.

But an extreme embassy workforce reduction which briefed by the State Department officials to the key congressional committees about last week in advance of an official notification will be supposed to resonate across the Afganistan.

It could spoil the pinched relationship between Afgan President, Ashraf Ghani’s government and US government after publicly clashing between allies over the exclusion of Kabul from the negotiation with the Taliban in Doha, Qatar.

The fellow of a US National Defense University, Thomas Lynch said Ghani, “ would see this as another step in a betrayal,” focussing on Afghanistan and the former advisor to the Joint Chief of the US military staff.

The congressional aides and the US personnel said that amidst the worries about a vital drawdown was the concern which could be alarming for the NATO allies, already at odds with the US President over the emergence of issues, and ordinary Afghans.

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