US President Ready to Sign Border Deal, Resisting Shutdown

US President Ready to Sign Border Deal, Resisting Shutdown

The US President is ready to ink on the agreement on border security concern, despite disabling to acquire the amount of money he required for constructing the wall between US and Mexico.

According to the sources of television media familiar to the President claiming that the US President has resigned himself to the agreement arranged Democrats in the Congress and his Republican Party.

White House Representative Sarah Sanders would not ensure or refuse the reports but told that “there are positive pieces ” in the deal. She told reporters, “ We want to see the final piece of legislation”.

For the long desired dramatic extension of fences for walls across the Mexican border, saying that the United States confronts an “invasion” of illegal immigrants and criminals.

Democrats declined, charging him of overstating the situation for the political gain. Trump counterattacked in December by cutting sponsoring to swaths of government in a five-week shutdown. He had alarmed to provoke a new shutdown this Friday if his demands were not met. The agreement worked out in this week in Congress to provide less than $1.4 billion for wall construction.

Trump told he was not satisfied with the deal but “ I don’t think you’re going to see a shutdown”.

The US President claims that he can still include to that from other sources not essential for congressional approval, although he has been indistinct about how this would work.




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