US President Insisted Mexico Border To Be Painted With Black Spikes - TNBC USA

Across the Mexico border, the US President wants to build a barrier which should be made with a steel bollards fence, instead of a concrete fence according to his promise, and the US President is completely satisfied with that. He has also a few other things he would like to change.

He also claimed that the bollards should be painted with “flat black”, a dark hue that would be capable to soak up heat in summer, as well as the metal will also be used so that it would be too hot in summer for the climbers. Recently the US President told the aides of White House, military engineers and also the Homeland Security officials about it.

The matter of bollards should be pointed, insisted by the US President who describes the graphic terms can be a factor for the potential injuries which would be received by the border-crossers. The US President has said about the current blueprints of the walls including too many gates, placing at periodic intervals for allowing vehicles and people through but he wants the openings to be smaller.

At the moment, while the White House is turning aside billions of dollars in military funds for the fast-track construction, the US President is controlling every part of the project pointing the details of the smallest design. But the US President routinely shifting instructions and recommendations which make the engineers, as well as aides, confused, as per the information of the officials of the former administration.

The US President claimed that the Department of Homeland Security officials attends to the White House on short notice for discussing the wall construction and on multiple occasions of former secretary Kirstjen Nielsen in the early morning, pushing her up to discuss the project according to the officials.

The US president also has frequently asked for the head of the US Army Corps of Engineers Lt. Gen. Todd Semonite, to recommend his views on the properties of the barrier, claiming that the structure to be imposed physically, as well as would be pleasing aesthetically.

One administration official close to the opinion of the US President informed about the condition of anonymity for avoiding termination and said, “ he thinks it is ugly”.

The US President portrays himself as “ a builder” claimed by David Lapan, a former Homeland Security official who worked at the department while it spent more than $3 million on the construction of eight border barrier prototypes near San Diego.

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