US President Donald Trump forecasted Mexico would boldly impose a new deal under which it acknowledged to prolong a disputed asylum program and enhance the safety on its southern border to remove the root of the Central American migrants attempting to reach the United States.

The agreement declared on Friday after three days of negotiations in Washington, prevented the threatened enforcement of the 5% import tariffs by the  US President on all the Mexican goods starting on Monday.

The US President wrote in a Twitter post, that this will be a successful deal between Mexico and the United States. The Trump administration believed the agreement would “ fix the immigration issue”. Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin claimed on an interview on the sidelines of a finance meeting of G-20 in Fukuoka, and Japan. Mnuchin alerted, alerted however the US President kept back the authority to enforce tariffs of Mexico disabled to impose the new deal.

On Saturday, the US President wrote in twitter that Mexico would urgently start purchasing “large quantities” of agricultural goods from US farmers, who have been strike hard by his trade war with China and risked a new roar from Mexican vengeance if the US President had enforced tariffs.

It was not urgently clear whether Mexico made such a promise. There was no reference of expanded Mexican buying of US agricultural products in the joint US-Mexican declaration figuring the immigration agreement.

Mexican President Andres Lopez Obrador said that he spoke with the US President and offered him a provocative binding and a promise to dialogue. Republican President Trump has made eliminating the root of the illegal immigration, a signature issue of his Presidency, taking a vow to construct a wall on the border, although Congress has declined to sponsor the measure. He has been disappointed by a surge streaming through Mexico of Central Americans migrants requesting asylum in the United States and has persistently accused migrants who have entered the country through Mexico border and crimes and smuggling of illegal drugs.

Senate Democratic leader Chuck Schumer reacted with mockery about the agreement on late Friday.

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