US Have Exemption Policies For Foreigners Dealing With Revolutionary Guards Of Iran - TNBC USA

As per the information of three former and current US personnel, the United States has substantially generated exceptions as the foreign governments, firms, NGOs do not have to face American sanctions automatically for trading with the Revolutionary Guards of Iran after the designation of the group by Washington as an outsider terror group.

The policies of exemptions, approved by the  US State Secretary Mike Pompeo and also explained by the US State Department representative in reply to the questions of media.

The exemptions policies define that the personnel from the nations such as Iraq, who may have ties with Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps of Iran would not be declined automatically for US visas. The IRGC is a robust faction in Iran that controls a corporate empire as well as superiorly armed intelligence forces.

The exemption policies of US sanctions would also allow the foreign executives who are involved business in Iran, where the IRGC is a vital economic force, as well as humanitarian groups working in the countries like Northern Syria, Iraq and Yemen, to execute that without any worries they will necessarily provoke  US laws on dealing strictly with the outsider terror group.

Hence, the US authorities also triggered an exemption for the essential resolution, keeping hold the right to sanction any individual in a foreign government, company or NGO who themselves offers “material support” to a US-designated foreign terrorist organization.

The current move in which the Trump administration has enforced a hardline position on Iran, persisting for example that oil customers of Iran reduce their import of Iranian petroleum to zero, only to approve waivers permitting them keep purchasing it.

US State Secretary Mike Pompeo designated the IRGC as a Foreign Terrorist Organization on 15th April, generating a problem for the foreigners whose representatives may work with the IRGC.

The security concern based move which sanctioned by the United States has officially stamped part of another sovereign government on how to go ahead and on whether they were still permitted to deal with such kind of representatives, informed by the three familiar US personnel.

US officials have said several times that they are concerned the designation could make danger for the US forces in the places such as Syria or Iraq, where they may work in close proximity to IRGC-allied groups.

The state department agency representative claimed, “the exemptions do not benefit members of an exempted group who themselves provided material support or had other relevant ties to a non-exempt terrorist organization”.

Former State Department lawyer Peter Harrell stated, “ This FTO designation, like other sanctions actions, has a number of unintended consequences that if left to play out in their natural way, would harm US interests”, hinting to the potential declining of US visas to officials from partner countries.

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