US Enlists Venezuela As the Sponsor Country of International Terrorism - TNBC USA

According to the emails of the internal government and US officials, Trump administration is taking the significant move for adding Venezuela to the list of state sponsors of terror activities in what the noticeable upsurge is seen against the socialist government of Nicolas Maduro.

The list is held for governments charged for repeated “support for acts of international terrorism” and adds North Korea , Syria, Sudan, Iran and more.

The Republican legislators led by Sen. Marco Rubio, R-Fla have directed for the designation mentioning the alleged bonding of Venezuela to Lebanese Hezbollah, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Columbia, and other groups.

The Republicans have long charge against Venezuela for being connected to the terrorist organizations. But the specialists  have diminished the threat and the extent of those connections. They notify that a post that does not supply exact proof could wither the legitimacy of the list by Uthe S. The critics informed that the list is already followed differently.

A senior fellow at the Washington Office in Latin America David Smilde said, “I suspect this will be based on hearsay and sources of questionable integrity”.

The officials of America refused to inform about the final decision had been made on the matter of designation, but in the recent times, the State Department  has questioned for feedback on the suggested move from various agencies, including the Health Department and Human Services, the Disease Control and Prevention Centers which is the part of HHS, and the American Agency for International Development.

The spoke personnel of the State Department refused to comment on the pending settlement, calling the enquiries about the  contemplations a “hypothetical question”.

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