US Democrats Reveals Package $3 Trillion to Combat COVID-19 Financial Crisis - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, the House Democrats released their latest bill which is designed to blunt the economic fallout of  coronavirus pandemic. They unveiled a $3 trillion coronavirus response package, the largest  yet, to fund efforts to fight the pandemic and provide emergency payments to  millions of American households. The United States, the world’s hardest hit nation, has recorded more than 1.35 million confirmed infections of COVID-19, including 81,800 deaths.

The Heroes Act was introduced in the House of Representatives and could be voted on in the Democratic-led chamber as early as this week. The 1815 page measure faced immediate opposition in the Republican-controlled Senate, where leaders have said a new round of emergency funding is not yet needed. Recently, US President Donald Trump said that he is against rushing through new coronavirus legislation but he signed four pandemic relief measures into law in recent months.

In March the Cares Act was a massive $2.2 trillion package and a $483 billion measure to pump funds into a popular loan program for small businesses devastated by lockdowns. The new bill has  been dubbed as Cares 2 by House Nancy Pelosi which includes a second round of  payments of up to $6,000 per household, in an effort to ease the burden for tens of millions of Americans who have lost jobs in the pandemic. 

“We face the biggest catastrophe in our nation’s history,” Pelosi, Washington’s top Democrat, said in introducing the bill.

Congress “must act boldly,” she added.

“If we don’t, it will cost more in lives and livelihoods later. Not acting is the most expensive course.”

Several Senate and House Republicans have opposed the decision describing it as a bloated liberal wish list and said it will never pass the senate. 

“Hunger doesn’t take a pause, rent doesn’t take a pause, bills don’t take a pause, the hardship of losing a job or tragically losing a loved one doesn’t take a pause,” she said.

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