US Acknowledges Error in Report Associating Terrorism to Immigration - TNBC USA

The Justice Department of the US has admitted faults and deficit in a disputed report which was issued one year ago that implicated a link between internal immigration issues and the increasing terrorism concern in the United States. But the officials have refused to pull back and precise the document for the second and final time.

Issued by the Justice Departments and Homeland Security, the report described that 402 of 459 individuals – around 3 in 4 – accused of international terrorism accusations since 11th September of 2001, while the terrorist attacks were foreign-generated.

The report was registered along with consent of the US President Donald Trump in March of 2017 including the executive order prohibiting the immigration strictly from the six majority-Muslim countries.

Critics professed their warning immediately at what they pondered extremely deceptive data executed without the background. They called it an venture to abuse law enforcement agencies to proceed a political agenda in resistance to immigration, and former senior counterterrorism officials alerted that it can incite the hands of the terrorists by empowering the wrong concept about the rigid religious discrimination and instigating sociological ranking.

Several civil liberty groups and the government watchdog instituted the two agencies in two federal courts, seeking a repealing or correcting under a less used law, the Information Quality Act. The agencies declined, and the courts lodged the lawsuits to permit the time for an executive appeal.

Recently, after two rounds, the Justice Department has told the groups, it will not repeal or correct the document. Rather, “ in future reports, the department can strive to minimize the potential for misinterpretation,” Michael Allen, the Deputy Assistant Attorney General for policy management and scheming recorded in Dec. 21 letter to the groups.


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