University of Houston Building to be named after Indian-American Couple - TNBC USA

A United States University has decided to offer respect to an Indian-American couple, who have made uncountable donations to the college.

Therefore, University of Houston decided to rename its Engineering Research Building after Shushila Agarwal and Durga D, said Renu Khator, President of the University.

The University of Houston is founded in 1927 and it is popular as a public research center.

Over $51 million buildings of University of Houston were opened in 2017, earlier a floor was named after the Indian-American couple to remember their immense support to the development of the college.

Vice-President of University Advancement Eloise Brice told that their donations will be advantageous for several key objectives.

VP Brice said that “Recruiting the best and brightest students and faculty is a key goal for the University of Houston, and this generous gift will allow the Cullen College of Engineering to make great strides in that arena.”

In the year 1968, Mr. Durga came to Houston with a Bachelor degree from Delhi College of Engineering in Mechanical Engineering. He acquired Master degree and Ph.D. from the UH Cullen College of Engineering in Industrial Engineering.

Mr. Brice continued that “my message to the students is to always be optimistic; one can achieve any goal with hard work, persistence, and determination.”

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