United States’ F-35 Stealth Bomber Suffers Millions Of Dollars

United States’ F-35 Stealth Bomber Suffers Millions Of Dollars

On Wednesday, A United States’ F-35 stealth fighter has suffered millions of dollars loss after strikes with a bird at the time of take-off from Japan’s air base, reports the US Marine Corp in a statement.

The statement reads, “On May 7, 2019 an F-35B with Marine Aircraft Group 12, 1st Marine Aircraft Wing aborted take-off due to a bird strike at Marine Corps Air Station Iwakuni and safely taxied off the runway.”

However, the pilot of the fighter jet is not seriously injured in the reported incident.

Pictures circulated on social media highlights what appeared to be a kind of falcon stuck beneath the jet.

Reports of damage evolution hasn’t been completed yet but the Marine Corps has classified the accident as category “A”, which means the loss is likely to exceed $2 million.

In the 1990’s, the F-35 program was introduced and costs around $400 billion, makes it the most expensive weapons structure ever installed by the Pentagon.

The Departments of Defense Ministry has also planned to build some 2500 of war fighters in the decades to come.

F-35 B is generally a short take-off as well as landing variant of fighter, which was developed mainly for the Marine Corps. Each fighter cost around $115 million to get installed.      

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