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UN Official condenses failure to include women in peace talks

by Chandrani Sarkar | October 26, 2018

United Nations claims that women are still not included in peace negotiations, despite the fact that their participation has been proved as key in the resolution of conflicts around the world.

On Thursday, Director of UN Women Executive, Phumzile Mlambo-Ngcuka said that “Women cannot be excluded from the peace process simply because they do not engage in battle.”

A report on women, security and peace were drafted by Mlambo-Ngcuka to the UN Security Council that celebrates its annual open debate over the issue, report source.

Director Mlambo-Ngcuka claims that the report is “loud alarm bell” on systematic failures.

Between the year 1990 to 2017, women constituted 2 percent of mediators only and 98 percent of negotiators and 5 percent of signatories and witness in major peace processes, as per the report of UN figures.

She continued that “Only three out of 11 agreements signed in 2017 contained provisions on gender equality, continuing last year’s worrisome downward trend,” and also expressed her concern over the absence of women during the time of current negotiations in Yemen and limited presence in Mali, Afghanistan and the Central African Republic.

UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres has highlighted several studies, which depict links between women participation and peace that urges the international community to continued efforts towards the achievement of full gender equality, similar to that of men.

The UN Secretary further said that 41 percent approx of Joint Chiefs and Chiefs in the peace operation are now women added that such share had never reached before.