Us President Donald Trump talked about to the self-declared provisional President of Venezuela by phone for inspiring his spirit for his agenda of “fight to regain democracy” as the backing by Washington force the socialist President Nicolas Maduro to leave power from steam.

The White House told Trump and Juan Guido, simultaneously attempting to replace the opposition leader Nicolas Maduro, agreed to control the regular communication after the  Venezuelan authorities initiated an investigation which could lead to the arrest of Guido. The attempts against Guido of 35 years old, including a travel ban and seizing assets were the reprisal over the oil sanctions enforced by the United States in this week. They escalated the fight for controlling Venezuela, an OPEC nation that has the biggest oil reserves of the world.

The US President talked to the self-proclaimed interim President Guido for congratulating him on his historic speculation of the presidency and to strengthen the bold support of President Trump for the fight of Venezuela for regaining its democracy according to the representative of the White House, Sarah Sanders.

Ms. Sarah told in a statement, that Guido greeted the US President for the US commitment to provide freedom and affluence in Venezuela and the region and observed the significance of the schemed protests across the country against Maduro.

According to the White House Representative, Sarah Sanders, “ They agreed to maintain regular communication to support Venezuela’s path back to stability, and to rebuild the bilateral relationship between the United States and Venezuela”.

56 years old Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused the US President of directing his extermination, while his main global supporter, Russia called for intervention in an impasse which is rending the foreign powers.

Nicolas Maduro is confronting the largest challenge in his ruling period since six years of replacing Hugo Chavez, according to the US President who gave order neighboring Colombia to murder him.


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