Trump’s Assistants Proposed A Glance of Their Revealing Private Notes - TNBC USA

In speeches and posts on Twitter, the US President Donald Trump has felt pride professing his insights without caring his addressing is excessively offensive or not. Therefore maybe it should be revealed as no wonder that he and his assistants also have made a habit of disclosing their private notes to the public.

In this week, US national security adviser John Bolton told reporters at the White House during holding a yellow colored legal pad containing the private notations in plain view of cameras. Among them what was presented to be a potential plan to rally the military troops in response to the political crisis of Venezuela, triggering the media prediction over how the US national security advisor, an expert diplomat, could have made such a clown.

Some critics ponder John Bolton as the veteran of the Former US President George W. Bush administration, who warned silently to the toddling ruling power of Venezuela. But the critics of Trump experienced the incident as racial of a pervading carelessness of a White House which eliminates the process and preparation in favor of the impulsiveness of the president and arrogance for the protocol.

A former national security representative who served for the former US President Barack Obama, Ned Price told, “ I can’t recall an incident like this in the Obama administration”. He added, “We had stern admonitions to always have cover sheets, always carry sensitive information in a folder”. A White House Representative of Trump Administration clearly refused to comment on this topic.

At the United Nations in 2005, disclosing the private notes have caused great and continual trouble to the past Presidents, including George W. Bush seeking written permission for a “bathroom break” – but hardly with the aptitude of the Trump administration of White House.



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