Trump Tweeted About The Meeting With Democrats and Calls it, “Total Waste of Time”. - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump bid goodbye and outraged on the negotiations on sponsoring a US-Mexico border wall while the Democratic opponents declined to agree to the project.
Trump posted on Twitter, “ A total waste of time”, about his White House meeting with the top Democratic congressional leaders, “I said bye-bye, nothing else works! ”.
The top Democrat in the Senate, Chuck Schumer, told journalists Trump “ sort of slammed the table,” then “ got up and walked out”.
Schumer said, “ Again, we saw a temper tantrum because he couldn’t get his way”.
Although both sides admitted that the meeting finished precipitously, they disputed over who was to accuse.
According to supporters of Trump at the meeting, the President asked Democratic leaders whether they would agree to sponsor his wall project in trading for him finishing a painful closure of swaths of government, which he has kindled in reciprocation for the deadlock.
The Democratic Speaker of the House of Representative, Nancy Pelosi, “ raised her hand and said no, not at all”, according to the senior Republican in the House Kevin McCarthy.
The Us Vice President Mike Pence said, “ We heard once again that Democratic leaders are unwilling to even negotiate”. The Vice President persisted that Trump came in good faith. Pence said, “ The president walked into the room and passed out candy. I don’t recall him ever raising his voice or slamming his hand.”
Trump wants $5.7 billion to sponsor a wall he says is required to keep out dangerous illicit immigrants, smugglers, drug dealers from Mexico.

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