Trump Pinched Obama as “impotent” about South China Sea Issue - TNBC USA

US President, Donald Trump pinched his antecedent President Barack Obama for being ineffective and not preventing China while they started to extend their domination in the South China Sea, interpreting the rising threat towards America as the Chinese Navy is constituting a confrontational challenge in the controversial region.

After getting the brief at White House, from the state secretary Mike Pompeo about the meetings with top officials of China in Beijing in this week, US President’s remarks came publicly.

During an interaction with the reporters in abroad Air Force One, Donald Trump said, “ The Obama administration was inefficient about the South China Sea”.

China is combating in the contended region of territorial disputes in the South China Sea and also with Japan in the East China Sea. Both regions are enriched with oil, minerals and diverse natural wealth which is very significant for global trading.

China wants to dominate almost the entire region of the South China Sea, as well as Malaysia, Brunei, Taiwan, Philippines and Vietnam also claims over the area.

The US has been patrolling regularly in the South China Sea Region to proclaim the freedom of navigation in the region where Beijing has assembled military force in its several islands and reefs for controlling the region.

While Mr Trump was questioned that whether he was concerned about the treatment of China with State Secretary Mike Pompeo, he said, “ They are just trying to get me a message. But those messages don’t work. But no, I think they treated him with great respect, actually. You know, they had meetings besides just the news conference. And I think they treated him with great respect.”

However, the representative of State Department, Heather Nauert said, “ working to combat illegal narcotics is another area where we work well together. We also have areas of disagreement and areas where we have challenges, and we will keep working together on that. It is obviously an important relationship that we need to work hard to maintain”.



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