Trump May Have Unveiled Reserved Navy SEAL Team in A Twitter Video

Trump May Have  Unveiled Reserved Navy SEAL Team in A Twitter Video

US President Donald Trump accidentally unveiled a Navy SEAL team during his short tour to a US base in Iraq in this week. Typically, the addresses of special operations pushes are held hidden closely. In the scarce examples, while they are captured in a battle zone, their overlooks and other recognition features are generally faded out.

But after his dazzling trip to AL-Asad Air Base in western Iraq, Trump tweeted a video of him featuring for photos with US guards, trembling their hands and signing memos. In one scene, he was presenting a thumbs up alongside a group of what becomes visible to be special operations forces. According to the report of the event, held in a dining hall at the base, a man named Kyu Lee informed Trump he was the chaplain for SEAL Team Five.

Lee remembered Trump telling him, “ Hey, in that case, let’s take a picture”.

While the President has strong authority to unclassified information, so his tweet likely did not continue afoul of any rules, some individuals who are familiar with it called it a violation of operational security.

A former specialist of US Navy intelligence, Malcolm Nance told, “ even if it’s the commander-in-chief, would prove a propaganda boom if any of this personnel are detained by a hostile government or captured by a terrorist group”

Special Operations Command did not urgently reply to an appeal for comment.

Trump also generate criticism in the US for redoing a previous contradicted claim that he had

protected military members a fundraiser for the first time in 10 years, while in fact, the Pentagon has escalated pay each year.

Pursuing the visit to Iraq, pro-Iran legislators called for the government to ban US forces.


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