Trump Commented On The Sanctions of S-400 Deal With Russia : “ India Will Find Out” - TNBC USA

US President Donald Trump warned that India will soon realize his verdict on the penal CAATSA sanctions after their sign in the deal of $5 billion with Russia for purchasing the most capable S-400 air defence system.

Through the specific Sanction act or CAATSA  sanctions which were revised earlier in this year, only US President Donald Trump has the authorization to provide the waiver to India for the for the sanction of weapons deal with Russia countering the Adversaries of America. In the last week, India signed an agreement with Moscow, on a deal of $5billion for purchasing the S-400 Triumf air defence system. This mega-deal was confirmed during the New Delhi visit of the Russian President, Vladimir Putin for the annual meeting with Indian PM Narendra Modi.

During an interaction with the reporters in the Oval Office of the White House, US President Donald Trump said,” India will find out. Are not they?” questioning the deal between Russia and India.

A most important reaction is seen in his comment while Mr Trump repeated, “ India is going to find out” in the response to the India related questions. He also added, “ You will see. Sooner than you think.” State Secretary Mike Pompeo, was in the same spot while US President responded the CAATSA sanctions specific questions. Later the State Secretary was scheduled for meeting with US President.

Previously, an argument between Mr Pompeo and the US Defence Secretary James Mattis has been disclosed on the case of waiver to India.

After the verdict of S-400 contract, a  representative of National Security Council in White House said, “ The CAATSA presidential waiver is narrow, intended to wean countries off Russian equipment and allow for things such as spare parts for previously-purchased equipment.”

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