The US Forces Sent To Middle East Include B-52 Bombers In Response Of Iranian Threats - TNBC USA

As per the information from the US military B-52 bombers will be sent as the potential additional part of the forces sent to encounter to the Middle East following the sayings of the Trump administration, which is pondered as  “ clear indications” towards threats from Iran to US forces there.

In White House, National Security Advisor John Bolton claimed that the United States was preparing to deploy a carrier strike group, as well as a bomber task force to the Middle East.

A representative for US Central Command, Captain Bill Urban claimed that the bomber task force will be formed with B-52 bombers.

Concerning the condition of anonymity, the US personnel said four B-52s would be sent to deploy, though the number could be changed. The United States maintained a bomber presence in the region regularly and B-1 bombers were there as currently as last month. The B-52 is a wide-ranging, nuclear competent bomber.

The US military force also ensured that the group of the Abraham Lincoln carrier strike had been already scheduled to be deployed to the Middle East, but its movement was “expedited” due to the intensified with Iran.

The top security administration of Iran made fail the planning of the US of sending forces to the area as a form of “ psychological warfare”. Declaring the details of the force, the US military did not disclose any specific details of intelligence, it has plotted to response the threat from Iran.

The Central Command of the United States, which is responsible for any kind of US military operations in the Middle East and in Afghanistan, pleaded further forces following “recent and clear” indications which Iranian and proxy forces were making preparations for the possible attack by US forces in the region.

According to him the integrity of those threats was actually based on the sources and theories through the information was acquired, and also something the US military was not able to discuss.

The military has informed that the threat to US forces was at sea and on land, but refused to provide the details. According to the familiar sources, “ U.S. Central Command continues to track the number of credible threat streams emanating from the regime in Iran throughout the CENTCOM area of responsibility”.

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