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The Rapid Moving Wildfire of California Pushed the Victims To Death Inside Their Car

by Haimantee Ghosh | November 19, 2018

Along with her 16 years old daughter Destiny, the mother Nicola Montague noticed a reddish blaze on the horizon while they started to school in Paradise of California in the Thursday morning. Nicole Montague of 45 years old said that they did not be feared as they faced fires nearby in the past. They ignored it until they head any warnings and within a minutes mass panic spread.

They convened their nine dogs along with few belongings as the entire region of the trailer park where they lived in exploded into flames.

Nicole Montague said, “As we were driving out, the mailboxes were on fire. All you could hear were big booms and those were (neighbours’) propane tanks starting to explode.”

According to the State History, the deadliest wildfire of California sounds innocent as “Camp Fire” engulfed entire Paradise on 8th November, as well as the fast-spreading, a wind-fueled catastrophe has left the minimum 76 people dead along with 1,276 missing.

The conflagration moved so rapidly that some of the victims were instantly exploded inside their cars during a messy evacuation as the traffic of the victims created two exit routes out of the town.

The survivors who were able to think quickly along with sheer luck hardly succeeded to flee. Among the victims retired Julie Walker and her husband who lived in Magalia, the Northern province of Paradise, from 2003, took backside roads to avoid the traffic jams, while fire grabbed their house. According to them, they were known with the route as they spent a lot of time exploring in their jeep through the route. Therefore, while the fire broke out Walkers helped a caravan of relatives and neighbours to escape for safety through the dirt roads that bypassed the traffic jam.