The Number of Deaths from Coronavirus Crosses 10,000 with 30,000 New Cases - TNBC USA

On late Monday, Johns Hopkins University revealed that the US recorded 1150 deaths related to the coronavirus in 24 hours. The latest record took the total number of deaths above the 10,000 mark. Johns Hopkins’ running tally further revealed, there are more than 366,000 cases of new coronavirus in the United States including in excess of 30,000 new cases in 24 hours.

The US has recorded a total 10,783 deaths so far. After ravaging Italy and China, the pneumonia-like disease has started to ravage the world’s largest economy. US is the new epicentre of the pandemic which has claimed 74,795 lives so far. There are over 1,348,410 cases informed all over the world. 

Governments all over the world have enacted new measures and provided official advice to combat the effects of coronavirus. China, where the virus was first identified, imposed a total lockdown all over the country in late 2019. But, the pandemic has rapidly spread all over the world affecting over 100 countries. The number of deaths in the US is gradually approaching the number of deaths in Italy (16,523) and Spain (13,005).

US President Donald Trump during his new conference at White House told reporters that “We are increasingly hopeful that the aggressive mitigation strategy we put into place will ultimately allow our hospitals system to successfully manage that major influx of cases that we have right now,”

“The goal is that all Americans have been sacrificing to achieve these last few weeks things that a lot of people thought were not possible to achieve,” he said.

“I think we’ve more than achieved, but we have to go through. Again, we’re going to have a rough week, were going to have, maybe, a rough little more than a week but there’s tremendous light at the end of that tunnel,” he said.

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