The Most Terrible Limousine Crash of the Decade Kills 20

The Most Terrible Limousine Crash of the Decade Kills 20

The federal authorities have entitled the accident as the most terrific and pathetic in recent decade in the parking lot of a crowded store in New York. According to the police, just before 2 p.m., they got reports about a crash between two vehicles in Schoharie around 30 miles west of Albany.

The police authority said, “a 2001 Ford Excursion limousine visiting Southwest on State Route 30 and failed to halt at the interlinked with State Route 30A and blew into the parking lot of the nearby  Apple Barrel Country Store and Cafe“.

Christopher Fiore Christofer, the first deputy superintendent of New York State Police said at a news conference that the limousine hit a Toyota Highlander of 2015 which has not been occupied by anyone. He also said that two walkers who were standing nearby, terribly hit.

Fiore said, “ There were witnesses on the scene, but just from the evidence discovered at the crash, it was apparent that this was the direction of travel and what happened.”

The Safety Board of National Transportation said the members that the “go team” were at the crash site to inspect the mishap, possible factors and the conditions of road and vehicles.

According to police, inside the limousine, everyone died in the crash including the driver and the victims were all adults.

Alan Tavenner, the Town Supervisor of Schoharie explained the highways of the two states meet at the bottom of a hill at the t-shaping intersection along with three-way stop. The limo flew at 60 mph speeds upward, according to the witness.

He said, “ If somebody is  new to the area or not familiar with the area, I can see how it would be easy to miss that you are coming down to the T-intersection and going to have to stop the bottom of it.”

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