The Family of the US Man Detained in Russia For “Spying” Concerns For Being Trapped in Diplomatic War - TNBC USA

After the Arrest of the US Man in Russia on the charge of “spying” his family Is Pawn In Diplomatic War US President Donald Trump’s persistently adapting words towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, the imprisonment of Paul Whelan is the current in a series of spying cases between the two countries.

The brother of an American confined in Russia for contended spying says the ex-Marine might be trapped in a consular tug-of-war between the two powers, and the family concerns about he could be arrested on fragile proof. But in an interview with a renowned media, David Whelan told they have trust that the US Government will be successful to bring back his brother home. He was imprisoned on 28th December “ while carrying out an act of espionage”, according to the FSB security service of Russia.

David Whelan told Newmarket, Ontario, north of Toronto, “ There are no details about the circumstances of his arrest, so it’s hard not to connect it as merely tugging between the two countries for whatever reason”.

The brother said, “ I’m very worried, particularly because there’s no transparency for the Russian legal system”.

“ We have a great deal of concern that he will be charged without sufficient evidence, he’ll be convicted.”

Despite US President Donald Trump frequently boarding words towards Russian President Vladimir Putin, the conviction of Whelan is the latest in a series of spying cases between the two countries.

Inquired by reporters about Whelan’s case, Trump said only: “ We’re looking into that. Secretary of State Mike Pompeo that Washington was trying to learn more about the circumstances.

David Whelan informed the media, “We have faith that they’re working on it, ”, including that the family has a strong expectation about, “ the ridiculousness of this whole situation will eventually cause the US government to step forward and to have him brought home.”

Whelan held a British passport, as well as others, and according to the Foreign Secretary Jeremy Hunt, “we don’t agree with individuals being used in diplomatic chess games ”.

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