“Ruthless Predator “ Injured 4 , Killed 3 Lastly Arrested in California - TNBC USA

According to the police the man escaped to California from Texas when he was interrogated about the disappearance of two relatives, had been imprisoned on the doubt of executing thresh attacks. Therefore, these three are considered as malignant in the Los Angeles area.

Ramon Escobar of 47 is accused of three counts of murder and four counts of attempted murder. The investigators of Los Angeles along with the adjoining city of Santa Monica are taking initiatives for presenting him to the County District Attorney’s office in Los Angeles.

William Hayes Escober the Captain of Los Angeles Police Department portrayed Escobar as a “ previously deported felon” who originated from El Salvador and a applicant of asylum in the United States and most probably the application had been granted for the asylum.

Hayes informed in a news conference that  Ramon was imprisoned for five years in the state prison of Texas from 1995 to 2000, on the thievery accusation, and was going to jail as a convict of criminal trespassing in Texas and assault two years ago.

Police said that Escober is convicted for attacking the homeless men in Southern California and all of them have been thrashed while they were sleeping in outside. From Escobar’s car, a baseball bat has been rescued and also a pair of bolt removers has been ceased from the spot of one of the victims which helps police to identify the weapon he used.

According to the police captain, Escobar was currently homeless and the looting was the assumed motive behind the attacks, which is clarified by the police captain as crimes of opportunity.




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