President Trump’s Message To G7 Leaders, “Be More Like United States” - TNBC USA

The United States President Donald Trump will highlight the economic policies under stewardship at meetings with other G7 leaders in France, encourage allies to follow the US model to avoid problems with the global economy, said US officials. 

On August 24 to 26, President Trump will attend the G7 Summit in France. He has also planned to hold individual meetings with leaders of Germany, Britain, Japan, France, Canada, and India during the trip, said senior administrative officials while speaking on anonymity conditions. 

The US President is irritated with the Federal Reserve for not lowering the interest rates as discussion about a potential recession makes headlines, will compete the US-based economic model that he has pushed forward through deregulation and tax cuts, said an official. 

He continued, “You will really hear the president hit home the message of the pro-jobs, pro-growth economic agenda.”

“We’ve seen growth rates that we didn’t think were possible just a few years ago. And you … contrast this to what’s happening in Europe where growth is effectively flat,” said an official. 

President Trump will hold a talk with his counterparts about how to open up Japanese, European, and Canadian markets to ensure that the US business have the ability to sell goods and services as well as allies economic growth along with the US, added the official. 

Those talks are likely to be complicated as President Trump’s trade policies have created tension among members of the G7 Summit in several form. 

Donald Trump will raise his points with French President Emmanuel Macron regarding French Digital Services Tax, which are affecting the US-based technology companies at large scale. The US President has further threatened to put tariffs on French wine in retaliation.

President Trump will hold his first meeting with British Prime Minister Boris Johnson since the newly-appointed Prime Minister took on the role. Both will discuss a America-Britain Trade Pact and Britain’s efforts to exit the EU (European Union).   

In addition to the trade talks, leaders are expected to differ over President Trump’s desire to have Russia reenter the group, makes it G8 Summit.  

An official has said that there was unlikely to be a vote over the issue as the G7 leaders operated under agreement but he has said that the topic was expected to discuss. 

President Trump has voiced his support for Russia to rejoin the group and recommended that there would be a vote to decide. 

The official has noted that Russia hasn’t formally asked to be readmitted to the group and would be compulsory for taking any such moves. 

Russia was eliminated from the G8 Summit after annexing Crimea. 

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