President Trump To Increase Merit-Based Immigration To 57 Percent - TNBC USA

The United States President Donald Trump’s Administration is proposing around a five-fold increase in merit-based legal immigration and half of it is based on humanitarian and family system, in an effort to maintain the outdated system.

Senior Presidential Adviser Jared Kushner is the son-in-law of the United States President Donald Trump, claims have an immigration policy that would attract meritorious and talented people across the globe would create around $500 billion in tax revenues around 10 years. 

During a meeting at the White House, Mr. Kushner told the Cabinet that “it brings in a lot of people that are paying into the social safety nets. Not people who are coming in and then immediately taken from the social safety nets, which right now have to support Americans who are currently citizens.”

At the direction of the US President, Jared Kushner is leading the immigration reform project that he claims were in its final stages and expected to make public at the earliest.

He regrets that the immigration system in America was very outdated compared to some of the neighboring nations, which it competes for talent. Mr. Kushenr continued that only 12 percent of people became legal immigrants through a merit-based system.

“Compare that to some of our peer countries like Canada. They’re at 53 percent, New Zealand at 59 percent, Australia 63 percent, Japan at 52 percent,” Mr. Kushner said, “Under President Trump’s proposal, we’ll go to 57 percent, which puts right in the range and it will make us competitive.”

In 2018, around 1.1 million people became the citizens of America, adding that “we are keeping the number the same. But we want to change the composition of what’s that made up of.”

He further said that they came up with the proposal after scrutinizing the immigration system and the best practices of a lot of other nations. 

Mr. Kushner asserted that America deserved to have the best immigration system, as Trump’s Administration believed in legal, safe immigration but against random and illegal migration. 

“We think we can have an immigration system that really is the envy of the world and also a border security system that keeps all of our citizens safe,” said the Senior Presidential Adviser, “This bill will create a modern, merit-based immigration system that allows the best and the brightest from throughout the world to compete based on objective criteria to become American citizens.”

According to Jared Kushner, the updated system will enhance social diversity. “We’ve figured out how to make sure that we follow the practice that Australia does with diversity pooling to make sure that it gives us a good cross-section of people coming in to maintain what’s great about this country,” he added. 

President Trump has acknowledged it as a common-sense proposal and claims that there was need of talented people in America. “You’re going to have a really beautiful system of immigration. People are going to be able to come into our country, be proud of our country, and help our country,” said Mr. Kushner. 

“We want them to help us. You know, it’s a two-way street; they have to help us also. And it’s met with great popularity,” added Jared Kushner.

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