President Trump Suggests COVID-19 Test for People Arriving in US by International Flights - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, United States President Donald Trump said he is planning to consider coronavirus tests for people arriving in the United Nations on international flights. During a White House Meeting with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, he said, “We’re probably going to be doing that. Brazil has pretty much had an outbreak, as you know.”

“We’ll make that decision pretty soon.”

Trump was asked whether he would require tests for the novel coronavirus or simple temperature checks to which he replied “both”. He has discussed the issue with governors, particularly DeSantis, whose state is a major destination for Latin American flights, said the PM.

“We’re talking with others also that have a lot of business coming in from South America, Latin America, and we’ll make a determination,” he said.

The Trump administration earlier had imposed travel restrictions on Europe amd China to combat the rapidly spreading virus. The deadly pneumonia-like virus has killed a total of 58,964 Americans. Most of the countries have imposed a total or partial lockdown and emphasized on social distancing to slow the transmission of the virus.

Trump said the new precautionary measures would involve testing for coronavirus “on the plane, getting on the plane,” and that the government was in discussion with the airlines.

At the same time, US President Donald Trump blamed China for failing to tame the coronavirus at its very origin. “It should have been stopped at the source, which was China. It should have been stopped very much at the source, but it wasn’t. And now we have 184 countries going through hell,” he said.

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