President Trump Suggested Dropping Of Nuclear Bombs On Hurricanes, Report - TNBC USA

On Sunday, the United States President Donald Trump has suggested dropping of nuclear bombs on hurricanes ahead of their landfalls in the United States, reported source. 

While detailing a hurricane, President Trump has asked if it were likely to disrupt hurricanes forming off the Coast of Africa by dropping down a nuclear bomb in the eye of the approaching storm, wrote the news source. 

According to sources, the news website has continued that the meeting attendees left the detailing thinking that “what do we do with this?”

However, sources didn’t directly mentioned when this conversation started. 

It was reported not for the first time the United States President has made such remarks. In 2017, President Donald Trump has asked a special official whether the administration will follow the suggestion of the United States President to prevent them making landfalls. 

President Trump didn’t specify in this conversation that what sort of nuclear bombs will be used. 

The White House further declined to comment on this matter, but sources quoted a senior administration official saying that Donald Trump’s “objective is not bad.”

Therefore, the US President idea is not something new as the suggestion was originally made by a government scientist in the 1950s, under President Dwight Eisenhower rule.

The idea continues to pop-up, even though the scientists had agreed that it would not actually work. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration also has a page dedicated to the concept.

The NOAA has said that “during each hurricane season, there always appear suggestions that one should simply use nuclear weapons to try and destroy the storms.”

Because not only a bomb can stop an approaching storms, the winds would quickly spread radioactive fallout over nearby land, added the NOAA. 

It continued, “Needless to say, this is not a good idea.”

The United States of America is regularly hit by hurricanes. In 2017, one such hurricanes named ‘Harvey’ became the strongest hurricane to make devastating landfalls in 12-years. 

President Trump’s suggestion has lit up the social media with user’s reactions, with most appeared shocked at his statement. 

One Twitter user wrote: “Not The Onion”, refers to the satirical news publication known for outlandish headlines.

Another user asked, “What could possibly go wrong?”

Many posts also included the hashtag #ThatsHowTheApocalypseStarted

Democratic Presidential hopeful Kamala Harris has weighed in as well, tweets, “Dude’s gotta go.”

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