President Trump Reportedly Interested In Acquiring Greenland, The Biggest Island - TNBC USA

According to a report, the President of the United States Donald Trump wants the US to acquire the world’s biggest island, Greenland. He has expressed his interest in the mostly ice-covered landmass located northeast of Canada.

On Thursday, the Wall Street Journal said that Trump asked advisors if it is possible for the US to acquire Greenland citing people familiar with the discussions. The paper also reported that President Trump is impressed with the natural resources and geopolitical relevance of the island. 

Greenland is a self-governing region of Denmark which was colonized the 772,000 square-mile island in the 18th century and is home to nearly 57,000 people, most of whom belong to the indigenous Inuit community.

However, the White House has made no official comment regarding the matter and  Danish embassy in Washington did not immediately respond to reporters request for comment.

A few of advisors of the President stated acquiring Greenland could be good for the US while others called it only a “fleeting fascination” from the president, reported the Wall Street Journal.

It added that Trump’s interest could be a desire to secure a legacy achievement, saying the outsiders and that the advisors are puzzled about the potential for research or greater military power for the US.

Thule Air Base, the northern military base of the US has been deployed on Greenland for decades. Though the island is named Greenland, 85 percent of the island is covered by a 1.9-mile-thick ice sheet which holds 10 percent of the world’s freshwater.

Greenland is suffering from climate change. The scientists have predicted that the giant ice circle gets melted it will cause to submerge the world’s coastal areas in one day. In July almost 12 billion tonnes of ice was melted flowing into the sea. This is not the first time that Trump has expressed his interest in foreign properties as he said North Korea’s “great beaches” would make ideal locations for condos.

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