On Sunday, President Donald Trump while speaking at a news conference ordered the FEMA to set up the emergency medical stations in New York, California, and Washington state. He ordered the deployment of emergency medical stations with a capacity of 4,000  hospital beds to the virus-hit areas all over the United States.

As per Mr Trump’s order, California will have 2,000 and that four stations for both New York and Washington state would have a total of 1,000 beds each. “I want to assure the American people that we’re doing everything we can each day to confront and ultimately defeat this horrible invisible enemy,” he said.

“We’re at war, in a true sense we’re at war,” Trump added.

According to the reports, the US  has confirmed almost 33,000 confirmed cases of COVID-19,  with 409 deaths. The Prime Minister has also approved a request issuing a major disaster declaration for the state of New York. The city has recorded the highest number of cases.

In a White House briefing on the pandemic he told reporters that all the National Guard soldiers, deployed in the three states battling with deadly virus,  will be paid by the federal government. The US Army Corps of Engineers would help build the temporary medical sites in New York and that the US Navy hospital ship USNS Mercy would be deployed in Los Angeles. 

“Whatever the states can get, they should be getting,” the President said.

“There’s sort of a back up for the states, and some of the states are doing really well and some don’t do as well. The ones that don’t do as well need more help. But these are three states that really do need help because they are hit really hard.”

Trump also insisted the private companies to set up infrastructure to manufacture much-needed emergency equipment was the way to go. “We have the threat of doing it if we need it but we have millions of masks being done, ventilators, respirators, we have a lot of good things happening right now,” he added. 

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