President Trump Criticized Danish Prime Minister’s Rejection On Greenland Deal - TNBC USA

On Wednesday, the United States President Donald Trump has condemn Danish Prime Minister’s “nasty” rejection of his interest to purchase Greenland, heightened a row that had already provoked him to scrap a state visit. 

Hours after declared that he won’t visit Copenhagen next month as scheduled, President Trump accused Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen of insulting the US as a whole by refusing talks of purchasing Greenland as “absurd”. 

With PM Frederiksen voicing her annoyance at President Trump’s cancellation, the tussle of words marks another spat since Donald Trump came to power 2-years ago on an avowedly “America First” foreign policy platform.

President Trump has made his name as a New York ‘Property Mogul’, characterized his idea of purchasing Greenland as essentially “a large real estate” deal, argues that it’s a burden on Denmark as the economy of the autonomous territory depends mostly on subsidies from Copenhagen.

While speaking to reporters at the White House, President Trump has said that he wasn’t the first US President to have raised the idea of purchasing the Arctic Island that has housed a US air base since even before it officially became a part of Denmark.  

President Trump said, “Greenland was just an idea, just a thought. But I think when they say it was ‘absurd’ — and it was said in a very nasty, very sarcastic way — I said, ‘We’ll make it some other time’.”

“We’ll go to Denmark. I love Denmark. I’ve been to Denmark. And, frankly, we’ll do it another time,” added the US President. 

President Trump has upbraided PM Frederiksen for the tone of her reply, argued that she “could have just said no, we’d rather not do it” instead of “the way she blew me off.”

The US President continued, “She’s not talking to me, she’s talking to the United States of America.”

The US interest to buy Greenland was initially rejected as a “joke” but its strategic location has grown at a time when both China and Russia are flexing their nose. 

Greenland was a Danish Colony till 1952, when it became a part of the Danish Kingdom and has gained “autonomous territory” status in 1979. 

Greenland comprises of 55000 inhabitants – of who 17000 reside in Nuuk – are over 90 percent Inut, an indigenous group from Central Asia.

Greenland Government has insisted that the island is “not for sale” and PM Frederiksen said that she totally endorsed that view. 

PM Frederiksen said that  “I am both annoyed and surprised that the US President has cancelled a state visit.”

She continued that “Denmark and the US are not in crisis, the US is one of our closest allies” and the invitation to visit was still open.

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