President Trump Cancelled Subscriptions To Washington Post And New York Times - TNBC USA

On Friday, the United States President Donald Trump has cancelled the subscriptions of the White House to The Washington Post, and The New York Times, and instructed all federal agencies to follow the same.

The White House Press Secretary Stephanie Grisham has said in a statement that “not renewing subscriptions across all federal agencies will be a significant cost saving for taxpayers – hundreds of thousands of dollars.”

The US Officials have further stated that these two newspapers will stop bring delivered to the White House, who also subscribes to USA Today, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Post, and The Financial Times, reported source.

Earlier this week, the US President had hinted of the initiative in a press release with Fox News that he didn’t want it anymore in the White House as “they’re fake”.

On Monday, President Trump was quoted saying, “The New York Times, which is a fake newspaper – we don’t even want it in the White House anymore. We’re going to probably terminate that and The Washington Post. They’re fake.”

The US President came to power with an argumentative stance against the local media, especially broadcaster – The New York Times, CNN, and The Washington Post, for their reports on alleged intrusion by the Kremlin in the 2016 Presidential Elections.

Since taking charges of office, President Trump has been increasingly critical and his attacks on the local media have become a regular practice of US politics.

Donald Trump has accused the media in his tweets and rallies of reporting “fake news” and being “dishonest”.

The US President has even calls the New York Times “the failing New York Times” and the Washington Post “the Amazon Washington Post”, in reference to the owner of the newspaper, Jeff Bezos, who is also the founder of e-commerce site Amazon.

Meanwhile, the White House Correspondents’ Association President Jonathan Karl told sources that “I have no doubt the hardworking reporters of The New York Times and Washington Post will continue to do quality journalism regardless of whether the President acknowledges he reads them.”

Karl continued, “Pretending to ignore the work of a free press won’t make the news go away, or stop reporters from informing the public and holding those in power accountable.”

However, The Washington Post and The New York Times aren’t the biggest newspapers by circulation, but they have a great influence in national politics and mainly in coverage to the White House.

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