President Trump alleged China for hacking Hillary Clintons email server, did not offer any evidence - TNBC USA

US President Trump’s twitter comments, alleged China of hacking email server of Former Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. He has made an attack on East China as a ‘scapegoat’, reports an official of China Daily in a Friday’s editorial.

The sharply targeted editorial objected directly to President Trump, commenting that “to the thinking person, there are few things more disconcerting than a tweet by the US president as they initially seem to accord to reality but then quickly turn into messages from some alternative universe.”

On Wednesday, US President twitted that China, he thinks to have hacked the emails of 2016 Democratic Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s email servers. However, he fails to offer any valid evidence or further details justifying his statement.

Foreign Ministry of China has rejected President Trump’s allegation and the editorial further alleged the United States President of “smearing China’s image as he desperately needs a scapegoat in the run-up to the midterm elections, so he can divert public attention from the troubles the White House has become mired in.”

President Trump is expected to face destructions in November’s mid-term election as his party ‘Republican’ is highlighted fighting to maintain control on both the Congress Houses.

US media highlighted in recent weeks that China has increased aggressive stand against President Trump. China the world’s two biggest economics nation have increasingly emerged bitter with the US with never-ending Trade-war with the US. Chinese media highlighted people of the nation approaches with direct criticism against the US President Trump.

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