“Poland President Offered us $2 Billion” To Host US Military Base, says US President Trump - TNBC USA

On Tuesday, United States President Donald Trump expressed that he considers seriously the request from Poland for US troops to be based in the purposefully important of US on Europe’s edge with an “aggressive” Russia.

At the time of joint press Conference, Trump in White House with Polish President Andrzej Duda said that Poland offers a pay of $2 billion to Washington to support meet the expenses of the military base. That is likely irked as an increasingly confident Moscow.

Trump said that “The president offered us much more than $2 billion to do this, so we are looking at it.”

“We are looking at it from the standpoint of, number one, military protection for both countries and also, cost,” he added.

Earlier US President said that “We’re looking at it very seriously,” and continued that “If they’re willing to do that (pay), it’s something we will certainly talk about.”

Later in a statement, the White House said that “The United States commits to exploring options for an increased US military role in Poland and we will intensify our consultations to determine the concept’s feasibility.”

It added, “The results of these efforts will contribute to the defense not only of Central and Eastern Europe but also of the whole Alliance.”

Duda at the press confidence said that NATO member Poland that was dominated for a long time by the Soviet Union and Russia and wants “a permanent American base in Poland.”

Duda joked that the US Military Base could be called “Fort Trump”.

Poland was also be praised by Defence Secretary Jim Mattis as it took a lead to enhance its military presence but stressed that no proper decisions had been taken yet regarding the permanent take over.

Mattis reports source that “the questions are many.”

Mattis continued that “As you know, it’s not just about a base. It’s about training ranges, it’s about maintenance facilities at the base, all these kinds of things, and it’s a host of details we’ve got to study alongside the Poles. So no decision’s been made, we are studying it and we are working together on that.”

He said that expansion of Russian military started with a takeover of radical areas of neighborhood Georgia and recently the seizure of Ukraine’s Black Sea Crimea zone, which was part of “constant violation of international law.”

“There is a whole range of arguments in favor of the fact that the presence of the US armed forces in this area is absolutely justified,” Duda added.

US President Trump alleged by politically opponents of having a conspiracy in a shadowy Russian operation to support his surprise 2016 election to win against the Democrat Hillary Clinton. It was agreed with the assessment of Polish President Duda.

He continued that “I think it’s a very aggressive situation. I think Russia has acted aggressively.”

“They respect force. They respect strength as anyone does. And we have the greatest strength in the world, especially now,” he added.

Final judgment was reinforced by the White House and said that a partnership between Poland and US “critical in light of growing security challenges characterized by aggressive Russian behavior.”


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