Pentagon Sanctions $1 Billion For Long Desired Border Wall By US President - TNBC USA

Performing Chief of Pentagon Shanahan told Monday he had sanctioned $1 billion to build the wall demanded by the US President across the border between the US and Mexico. The Homeland Security Department directed the Pentagon to build 57 miles of 18-foot fencing, development of roads, as well as installing sufficient light supporting the emergency announcement by the Trump administration concerning the border wall.

Pentagon statement claimed, “ Shanahan authorized the commander of the US Army Corps of Engineers to begin planning and executing up to $1 billion in support to the Department of Homeland Security and Customs and Border Patrol ”.

The in-charge defense secretary shielded the significant move by mentioning a federal law that he told, “ gives the Department of Defense the authority to construct roads and fences and to install lighting to block drug-smuggling corridors across international boundaries of the United States in support of counter-narcotic activities of federal law enforcement agencies.

The statement was published just hours before Shanahan was due to check in Congress for presenting and defending the draft budget of the Pentagon.

Being frustrated by the refusal of the Congress to provide the budget he demanded to construct the long-awaited border wall, US President announced a national emergency in the last month for avoiding legislators to undo the lock $8 billion in sponsoring.

The crucial move was criticized by the rival Democrats, as well as the fellow Republicans, who alerted it was a misuse of the Presidential powers creating a dangerous prior case.

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