Pakistan is not afraid of India's new jet inclusion to its 'Golden Arrows' - TNBC USA

On the eve of its Independence day, Pakistan’s Director-General of the Inter-Services Public Relations (ISPR) Major General Babar Iftikhar claimed Pakistan is not at all threatened by India’s acquisition of Rafale Fighter jets. Pakistan is ‘absolutely ready’ for any kind of aggregation.

“The way the journey of the five Rafales from France to India was covered shows the level of their insecurities… Nonetheless, whether they receive five [Rafales] or 500, we are fine. We are absolutely ready and we have no doubt on our capability and we have proven this so it’s (the jets) not going to make much of a difference,” he said in the press conference on Thursday.

However, In the Conference, General Iftikhar also showed concern about Pakistan’s internal and external security. He also added India’s Military spending among the highest in the world which performs the stability of the country. Whereas, Pakistan’s spending in the defense sector is constantly going down, not going up. India, on the other hand, has already made an advance of $800 Millon to Russia for S-400 missiles. Which they are going to acquire soon by the end of 2021.

Babar’s main anxieties against the Government, claiming the army budget which are being lowered just for 10 years. Since this year an appeal was made to the Pakistani army to reduce internal expenditure. Prime Minister Imran Khan himself approached the Army Chief about this.

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