US President Donald Trump claimed the United States would exclude Syria gradually “over a period of time” and would shield the US-supported Kurdish fighters in the country as Washington drags down troops.

Trump did not provide any time chart for the scheduled military exit from Syria, which he declared last month against the guidance of the top security national aides and without seeking the advice of lawmakers or US allies taking part in the anti-ISIS operations.

The verdict triggered Defence Secretary Jim Mattis to give resignation. Trump said he had promptly terminated Mattis, whose letter of resignation was seen as a keen rebuke to the Republican President. During a cabinet meeting in front of the reporters at the White House, Trump said he had never made a report based timetable of four months for the withdrawal of 2,000 American troops stationed in Syria amid a battle against ISIS militants.

Trump said, “ We’re getting out and we’re getting outsmart. I never said I’m getting out tomorrow.” He refused to be specific about how long troops would remain in Syria.

Recently Trump presented to back off from

Any rapid pull out and concerned that the operation should be slow. He posted in twitter professing his opinion strongly, “ We’re slowly sending our troops back home to be with their families, while at the same time-fighting Isis [Islamic State] remnants.”

Republican Senator Lindsey Graham claimed he came out of the latest lunch with Trump ’s feeling inspirited about the Syria policy. Graham informed reporters that Trump was promised to make sure Turkey did not clash with the Kurdish YPG forces once US troops leave Syria, and was ensuring the NATO ally that it would have a buffer zone in the area for helping to shield its own interest.


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