Nicolas Maduro Warned US President , “Not To Repeat Vietnam in Latin America”

Nicolas Maduro Warned US President , “Not To Repeat Vietnam in Latin America”

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro who is surrounded by enemy forces told in a stern warning that the US President Donald Trump invites risks “ staining his hands with blood” if he attempts to follow military action against his discorded South American country.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro also told that if the US President presented physically before him, he would rebuke him saying, “ Stop, stop Donald Trump, stop there, you are making mistakes that you are going to stain your hands with blood and you will leave the presidency stained with blood”.

After Trump’s declaration about the military action on the nation of South America “was an option” along with the explanation of the “horrible things that were happening in that country ”, Venezuelan President made his threatening remark.

Citing the invitation for mutual respect, Nicolas Maduro warned Donald Trump “not to repeat Vietnam in Latin America ”. Taking a stand over the moves of the US President, Maduro told, “ So we have to go through a war to reconsider our relationship and our respect?”

Nicolas Maduro also resisted the calls openly from other international powers relating his resignation issue and about the fresh elections if he did not step down. 16 European Union acknowledged the opposition leader of Venezuela Juan Guido, as interim President, in a move supported by the US, while Nicolas Maduro could not be able to pacify their demand to declare reelection for selecting President.

The 16 countries whose support made strong the standpoint of the self-declared Juan Guido are – Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Spain, Denmark, Germany, Estonia, Finland, Austria, Czech Republic, France, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Sweden, and the UK.

All these countries supported the US to bring a change in the reigning power of Venezuela, which is recently countering an acute scarcity of medicines, as well as high monetary inflation despite being an oil-enrich country.

Since January 10, Venezuela has been countering an extreme conflicting political turmoil after Nicolas Maduro took an oath for a six-year-long second term of Presidentship, triggering strong outrages by the opposition parties of the country. Simultaneously, opposition leader Juan Guido announced himself for being the President of Venezuela, despite the winning of Nicolas Maduro in the Presidential election in the last year. Instantly, the US became the first international power to acknowledge Guido as the President and assured also about all kind of humanitarian aid to Venezuela. Washington has frequently demanded that resignation of Nicolas Maduro from the Presidentship. Despite the repeated invitation for resignation, Maduro has declined to leave Presidentship, withstanding the illegal blame about his Presidentship in Venezuela.

Several countries including Russia and China have condemned the foreign interference in the internal matters in Venezuela and backed Nicolas Maduro as the President.





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