NIA finds overseas money trail from arrested al-Qaida suspects.

NIA finds overseas money trail from arrested al-Qaida suspects.

After arresting nine suspected Al-Qaida people from West Bengal and Kerala on Saturday, allegedly planning to carry out major terror strikes in India. On investigating NIA finds an offshore transfer of money to the Bank account of Al Mamun Kamal, one of the nine suspected liked to Pakistan sponsored module al-Qaida.

As per the sources, on investigation NIA has came across several documents which has confirmed the payment of INR 1.5 lakhs from foreign account to Kamal’s Account. However it is not yet confirmed the country of origin.

Over the past few months, NIA planted moles on social media groups used by the nine arrested men. The agency tracked down their movements and conversations. They were traveling to different areas of Murshidabad and meeting the village people for recruitment.

On Sunday, investigators came across 13 feet ditch inside Abu Sufiyan’s home, a tailor by profession. Which is believed to be the provision for storing arms and ammunitions procured from New Delhi at Sufiyan’s home. Since a religious activist, Sufiyan wont draw any suspicion on terrorist connection.

Barely a few hours after the arrest, BSF held two Indians near the Indo-Bangladesh border with suspicious maps and 500 methamphetamine tablets at Hakimpur in North 24 Parganas. The NIA now digging deep to find if there any possible connections between this two and the arrested nine suspects.

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