New Plan For Resolution Immigration Issue May Increase Visas For Highly-Skilled Workers

New Plan For Resolution Immigration Issue May Increase Visas For Highly-Skilled Workers

According to a familiar sources immigration proposal plan which will be executed based on merit, represented by the White House Senior Advisor Jared Kushner and it could trigger an increase in US visas for the workers who are highly skilled.

The White House Senior Advisor is expected to represent a potential plan in the next week to the US President Donald Trump, who will take the significant decision whether to approve it as per his official powers.

The plan does nor directs the paths for addressing young people who came through illegal proceedings to the United States, as children who were safeguarded by the US President Barack Obama in the 2014 programme known as Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals, or those people who have Temporary Protected Status, according to the familiar sources.

Democrats emphasized that the DACA candidates will be safeguarded, supporting the White House would require to make more potential any kind of immigration legislation through Congress.

White House Senior Advisor Jared  Kushner had organized almost 50 listening sessions with the conservative groups on immigration, according to a senior administration official. He was involved with White House economic adviser Kevin Hassett, as well as policy advisor Stephen Miller on the plan claimed by the sources saying there have been some intensive scenes jockeying about the plan.

In New York at a  Time Magazine forum, Kushner claimed he was working well with Miller on the immigration matter. He said with a smile, “Stephen and I haven’t had any fights ”.

The statement triggered doubt from immigration advocate Marshall Fitz of the Emerson Collective, who gave Kushner credit for approaching criminal justice reformation but informed immigration was a strikingly different issue that Miller was commanding at the White House.

Fitz said, “ It’s impossible to see how Kushner could navigate an issue this freighted with history and central to the president’s re-election strategy in a way that would actually move the ball forward”.

In the 2016 Presidential election, as a White House candidate Trump has recommended a strict policy on the immigration issue, citing for a wall to be constructed on the US-Mexico border and using pounding rhetoric for describing people who have escaped Central American countries for entering the United States.

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