More than 43,700 Coronavirus Cases Reported in US, Trump Prevents Hoarding Medical Supplies - TNBC USA

The US has recorded more than 43,700 confirmed coronavirus cases with over 10,000 cases added in just one day. According to reports, the number of fatalities crossed 550 by Monday night with 139 deaths by COVID-19. President Trump has recently signed an executive order to prevent hoarding of vital medical supplies and personal protective equipment to fight with the emergency situation.

Trump further stated his government would take strict action against hoarding or excessive pricing of essential medical items and personal protective equipment. He also stressed on continuous supply of face masks and hand sanitizers. 

After signing the executive order Trump said, “Very simply, we will not allow anyone to exploit the suffering of American citizens for their own profit.” The Department of Justice will aggressively prosecute fraudulent schemes related to the pandemic, he added.

New York City has affected the most in the pandemic creating the worst public health crisis in the United States. Nearly one in every two Americans have been infected by novel coronavirus belonging to NYC which reported 5,085 new cases on Monday taking the total cases to 20,875.

A total of 157 people in New York City have died of coronavirus so far after 43 more deaths were reported on Monday. Health officials have  warned that the number may increase significantly in the coming days.

President Trump told reporters at a White House news conference, his administration is giving top priority to New York, Washington, California and several other  hotspots in the country. 

“Focusing on the areas with the greatest need, we have shipped 73 pallets of personal protective equipment to New York City and 36 pallets to the State of Washington. In the past 96 hours, FEMA has also received donations of approximately 6.5 million masks. We are focused on some of the hotspots,” Trump said. 

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