Moderna Claims its Vaccine is 94.5% effective

Moderna Claims its Vaccine is 94.5% effective

US-based biotech giant Moderna on Monday announced its Covid-19 vaccine has shown potential to be 94.5% effective in preventing the ongoing deadly virus. The announcement came just a week after Pfizer and BioNtech said their vaccine candidate was found to be more than 90% effective.

It is said to be Moderna vaccine has a significant practical advantage over Pfizer in that it can be kept at minus 20°C, similar to the vaccine against chicken pox, While the latter has to be kept at minus 75°C. Acccording to D Tal Zacks, Moderna Chief medical officer, Moderna Vaccine can be kept in a readily available freezer which can be available in most doctors office and pharmacies.

Another advantage of the vaccine that it can be store for 30days in the freezer while Pfizer’s vaccine can last only for five days. Moderna is expected to file for emergency authorization after submitting safety data in the next few days. As per the FDA coronavirus vaccine should be at least 50% effective to be approved, while the metrics of Moderna and Pfizer is far beyond the expected margin.

Pfizer’s vaccine followed by Moderna’s breakthrough last week, and more success expected from at least 10 other drug companies means that the US and the world would be on a FastTrack to checkmate the deadly virus by 2021.

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