Merit-Based New Immigration Plan of Trump Offers Benefits For The Skilled Workers

Merit-Based New Immigration Plan of Trump Offers Benefits For The  Skilled Workers

US President Donald Trump represented an immigration system based on merit from which all the foreigners along with thousands of Indian professionals, as well as skilled workers, expecting for getting  “green cards” or permanent legal residential benefit.

The immigration reformation proposals importantly increase the quota for the professional skilled workers from existing almost 12 percent to 57 percent. Besides, under the reformation proposal, immigrants will have the requirement of learning English and also to pass a civics exam prior to admission.

The vital immigration policy, however, is not like to see the Congressional convergence soon, provided the sharp turn across the political passage division between the Democrats, who have the majority in the White House of Representatives, and the Republicans who control the Senate.

The US President acknowledged the difficulties to move forward his plan legally in his Rose Garden. Giving an indication to raise it as an election issue next year. The US President said the Republicans require to retrieve the control of the White House, retaining the majority in the Senate and he himself will be re-elected to the White House. Remarkably, the last US immigration revision was 54 years ago.

The deploring matter is that the current system  of legal immigration has stalled to be resumed and also failed to attract the new talented and brilliant  young people from across the globe, the US President claims that he is representing the latest immigration system based on merit whereas the permanent legal residency would be given based on points for their age, job opportunities, and their civic sense.

The US President also claimed, “ under the senseless rules of the current system, we’re not able to give preference to a doctor, a researcher, a student who graduated number one in his class from the finest colleges in the world, anybody. We’re not able to take care of it. We’re not able to make those incredible breakthroughs”.

In a major address in Rose Garden, he said, “if somebody graduates top of their class from the best college, sorry, go back to your country. We want to keep them here.

According to the US President, the companies and enterprises are moving offices to other countries as “ US immigration rules prevent them from retaining highly skilled even if they are totally brilliant people”.

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