Mauritius Oil Spill is now a state of Emergency

Mauritius Oil Spill is now a state of Emergency

The Japanese Freight carrier ‘MV Wakashio’ ran aground off Mauritius coast on 25 July. After 13 days the ship broke apart on 6th August and started spilling around 1000 tons of its 4000 tons of heavy bunker fuel to the coral reefs of the Indian Ocean.

The disastrous site is said to be closest to two internationally protected UNESCO Ramsar sites for Wetland. Which includes small coral atoll that has been kept away from human interruption to preserve and restoration of endemic species of Mauritius’ rich and rare biodiversity.

This is said to be the worse oil spill in the history of the island. This could pose a threat to the extinction of rare wildlife and birds that are found in the specific atoll of the earth.

The spill continues from the wreckage

Attempts to stabilize the rapture and further spill of oil however is not been succeeded due to the rough sea and weather conditions. “This is the first time that we are faced with a catastrophe of this kind and we are insufficiently equipped to handle this problem,” said Sudheer Maudhoo, the fishing minister.

Situation is now moving out of hands

Japan on the other hand has responded to the catastrophic situation has ensured on Sunday that it will send Six expert members to assist Mauritius in this emergency. France has also extended their help by sending Naval vessels, military aircraft, and advisers to counter the damage.

Locals attempts to restrict the spill by making barriers made of straws

Thousands of local volunteers are now helping and working their best by making barriers made of straws and checking the black tides to spread further.

Mitsui OSK Lines, the company which owns and operates the vessels on Sunday promised to make all kind of efforts to solve the situation. It is now unclear how the company is going to help the situation whether to pay for cleaning operations or by paying damages.

With an ecological crisis that is rapidly unraveling, it’s now to see if there any bold action to be taken for the preservation of the ecology.

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