Man fines $3,500 for breaking quarantine rule for 8 sec - TNBC USA

A man in Taiwan has been fined a whopping  $3,500 after breaking the country’s strict Covid-19 quarantine regulations for just 8 seconds.

The man, a migrant worker from the Philippines, was quarantining in a hotel in Kaohsiung City when he briefly stepped out of his room into the hallway, the city’s Department of Health told Taiwan’s Central News Agency.

During his 8 seconds in the hallway, he was caught on CCTV by staff. which levied a fine of 100,000 Taiwan dollars which is equivalent to around Rs 2,58,000.

The man had been in quarantine for 5 days when he stepped out to sneak in something to his friend in the adjacent room.

People are prohibited from leaving their rooms while in quarantine under Taiwan’s pandemic prevention measures, which has helped the country in keeping the overall number of cases of Covid-19 under check. Taiwan has been widely lauded for its efforts to contain the coronavirus pandemic. According to data provided by John Hopkins University, the island nation has reported only 716 cases of the novel coronavirus and seven deaths so far.

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