Lion Air Co-Founder Claims Boeing Treats Him As A Piggy Bank

Lion Air Co-Founder Claims Boeing Treats Him As A Piggy Bank

The fellow founder of Lion Air Jet in Indonesia has whipped in a statement on the issue of handling the Boeing accident quite carelessly as two Boeing’s MAX models involved in two deadly crashes and triggered a potential business fallout for the involved jetliner in the international air transportation services.

Co-founder of the Indonesian low-cost Airline Lion Air, Rusdi Kirana reacted on a current justification by Boeing on the loss of 346 lives in the deadly crashes, standing with contradiction to the pondering of the criticism of Lion Air’s pilots.

In a telephonic interview, Rusdi Kirana also charged Boeing for treating the Lion Air co-founder like a “ piggy bank”. Lion Air has spent tens of billions of dollars on aircraft orders with Boeing for becoming one of the largest budget carriers of Asia.

The Indonesian enterpriser is the sculpture for what is recently one of the aircraft makers largest customers with 187 jets on order and 200 already delivered. Though, Lion Air alarmed to sack those orders in December, till now no further update has not been leaked.

Boeing has jumped on a campaign following the two deadly crashes for restoring good impression on its best-selling jet and also promised to remove any kind of risk factor of the anti-stalling software, presumed of pushing the two aircraft downwards, which could be operated by imprecise data.

In November, following a provisional report on the Lion Air crash, it raised questions over whether pilots had used correct methodology. Kirana told the contradictory reactions with the demonstration that Boeing was proceeding fast-developing carriers such as his for approval.

Kirana told the media, “ they look down on my airline and my country even though relations are always handled in a proper way. They treat us as Third World”.

He said in the first interview since the Ethiopian crash, “they also look down on me. They look at me as their piggy bank ”.

The statements of Kirana by far powerful since the deadly crash in Indonesia on 29th October involving the solidity of the recent contradictions between Indonesian low-cost carriers, Lion Air and Boeing, as well as Lion Air on the matter of impeding the scheduled delivery of Boeing jets worth $21 billion at list prices.

His statements become more significant in Indonesia where he serves as the ambassador of the country to Malaysia, thumbing the relations between two Muslim-majority states with important hitches.

In a statement to the media regarding the comments, Chief Executive of Boeing Dennis Muilenburg told, “ we remain heartbroken over the tragic loss of Lion Air Flight 610. We’re sorry for the lives lost and deeply regret the devastating impact on the families, friends, and colleagues of the passengers and crew”.

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