Leaked Video Shows Google Leaders Consoling the Employees After Trump’s Victory - TNBC USA

In a leaked video footage, after the acclamation of US president Donald Trump, the senior executives of Google was trying to cheer up the upset employees who have inflamed the Republicans. This footage indicates the remarkable illustration of political discrimination among the officials of the search giant. After this incident, some official regulators will be prompted at the company.

The root of this controversy has been raised from a lengthy footage published by Breitbart on Wednesday. It showcases including the executive of Google  Sergey Brin, Google’s president Parent Alphabet and chief executive of Google Sundar Pichai conveying the staff in a private assembling after the election of 2016 and consequently Pichai told in this meeting, “ a lot of fear within Google”.

As the employees expressed their great concern the executives attempted to subdue their worries especially of the foreigner migrants reminding the approaching president’s assurance to fortify the security at the borders before election day. In this meeting, the top leaders of Google were trying to revitalize their employees for being understanding to the coming president. The vice president of the company, Eileen Naughton commented, “ all sides of the political spectrum.”

The republicans rapidly gripped the video as a revelation of political bias in Google, accusing them that they are trying to diminish Trump and quieting his supporters. In this matter, few allies from white house consequently recommended investigating against the company.

Donald Trump Jr tweeted, “ They control 91% of all search and they get to decide what everyone sees. If this is not a Monopoly I don’t know what is.”

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