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Lawyers Claimed President Trump Could Get Away With Shooting Someone In New York Street

by Susmita | October 25, 2019

The lawyers of Donald Trump have stated that the president could shoot somebody on New York’s Fifth Avenue and get away with it, a claim that has been rejected by the city major. On Thursday, Bill de Blasio told at a press conference, “If anybody shoots someone they get arrested. I don’t care if it’s the President of the United States or anybody else.”

“If you shoot someone, you should get arrested and we would arrest him,” added the anti-Trump mayor, until recently a candidate to be 2020 Democratic presidential nominee. De Blasio was replying to a question about a comment that one of Trump’s attorneys made before a Manhattan appeals court hearing on Wednesday. 

The three judges will give judgment on whether Trump is bound to obey a prosecutor’s injunction demanding that he disclose his tax returns. However, it has been claimed by Trump’s lawyers that he need not obey the ruling as he is the president of the United States and so he can’t be prosecuted for an offense. 

The infamous boast of Trump in 2016 was referred by the judges where he said that he could shoot somebody in the middle of Fifth Avenue and not lose any voters. Trump’s lawyers were asked by one of them if their point was that the president is above the law and so he could not be investigated by the authorities in that hypothetical scenario.

Attorney William Consovoy replied “That is correct,” adding that immunity ends when the president leaves the office. The legal experts argued saying as per law, any immunity granted to presidents applies only to actions carried as part of his official duties as leader of the US. 

In spite of being a New Yorker, Trump is hugely unpopular in his home city. People around his former home in Trump Tower on Firth Avenue are also anti-Trump. An online petition to rename the stretch of Fifth Avenue Trump “President Barack H. Obama Avenue” has received almost 450,000 signatures.

During a joint press conference on Thursday, which was related to police suicides, NYPD deputy commissioner Benjamin Tucker backed up mayor de Blasio. “We would (apprehend Trump). I mean it’s as simple as that,” he said amid laughter.