Killed Indian Origin Security Cop’s Brother Supports Trump’s Crucial Move Based on Border Security - TNBC USA

According to Reggie Singh ,the brother of Indian originated police cop Ronil “Ron” Singh who was brutally killed in California during serving his duty in the US-Mexico border for supporting the bold effort of the US President  Donald Trump to maintain restriction for border security and called by the US President as national hero, others member of the security force should have not to go through this kind of ruthless experience like his family.

Security Personnel, 33 years old  Ronil Singh who was serving his duty from Newman Police Department in the Mexico-US border, was killed by a shot in a traffic stop on the eve of Christmas festival on 26th December reportedly by a trespasser immigrant. The brother of dead police cop Ronil Singh, Reggie Singh was seated next to the US President Donald Trump, while the US President was in a tour in the Southern border state Texas for instigating his disputed wall plan related with US-Mexico border, during attending a roundtable with border patrol at McAllen.

The US President Donald Trump told, “ I watched a family right around Christmas time… suffer and I’d like to ask Reggie, maybe you could say a few words about your incredible brother, the job he was doing. He was so beloved by the people of the department and beyond the department.”

In a formal meeting the brother of killed police cop, Reggie Singh told the US President, “The way he (Ronil Singh) was killed, what my family is going through right now, I do not want any other family, law enforcement personnel to go through that.” Whatever it takes to minimize… put a stop to it, my family fully supports it ”.

Recently, based on this ruthless killing of border security personnel Ronil Shing, Trump highlighted the issues of an illegal immigrant for emphasizing his iron determination of border wall mentioning the security matter on the border for restraining the entry of the illegal immigrants.

Trump professed his opinion on this killing matter by saying, “ We are deeply moved to have with us Reggie Singh, whose brother, Ronil Singh, incredible guy. I mean, I watched, and I’ve rarely felt worse and watching news of our nation than watching your family and the love that you have for your brother”.



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