If Iran Hits US Interests, US Will Encounter With “Great Force”

If Iran Hits US Interests, US Will Encounter With “Great Force”

US President Donald Trump alerted that Iran would confront crucial bombardment if it hit US interests in the Middle East, and government sources said Washington doubts strongly Shi’ite militias have ties with Tehran behind a rocket attack on the Green Zone Baghdad.

The US reporters told reporters as he left the White House, “ I think Iran would be making a very big mistake if they did anything”, on Monday Pennsylvania evening. He also added, “ if they do something, it will be met with great force but we have no indication that they will.”

His statements came as two sources of US government stated the United States strongly doubts about the strong ties of Shi’ite, militias and the possible incitement from Iran attacked a rocked into the heavily secured Green Zone of Baghdad.

The familiar sources of US national security assessments and uttered on the condition of anonymity claimed the United States was still attempting to establish which militia terminated the Katyusha rocket on Sunday and the extent, if any Iranian involvement.

The rocket fell in the Green Zone which accommodates government buildings and embassies and whipped up no casualties, in the latest in a sequence of regional attacks the United States believes may have been inclined by Iran. Iran has declined accusations of its probable in connection in attacks last week and the Iraqi allies darted to criticize the rocket blast on blast.

The attacks comprise what Saudi Arabia stated as equipped drone attacks on two oil pumping stations within the kingdom on 14th May 14 and the disruption of four vessels, along with two Saudi oil tankers, of the cast of the United Arab Emirates on 12th May.

Iran aligned Houthi group of Yemen claimed responsibility for attempting bombarding stations. Saudi Arabia charged Tehran for triggering an attack. Agitations between Washington and its Sunni Muslim Gulf Arab allies in one side and Tehran and its Shi’ite Muslim representatives on the other have been flaming for weeks.

The US and European government sources believe Shi’ite militias based in Yemen Iraq directed the attacks in Saudi Arabia near the USE, likely with the encouragement Iran.

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